Teachers & Friends

My teachers

These are the teachers, who have greatly inspired, influenced and enhanced my practices. They are highly recommended by me.

Sathya Sai Baba is my spiritual teacher. I love him with all my heart. I regularly travel to his international spiritual center in Puttaparthi: His ashram Prashanti Nilayam in India.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, I am so grateful, thank you. http://www.srisriravishankar.org

Orit Sen Gupta, my yoga teacher from Israel. She teaches practicing from the inside: http://www.vijnanayoga.org

Stephen Thomas, he teaches a yoga full of compassion and non-judgment. https://www.yoga-svarupa.com/

Pak Kadek Suambara from Bali, he is a wise leader, gifted teacher and loving healer whose deep presence and clarity of mind has made him already at the age of 26 to be elected of the spiritual leader of his village, Nyuh Kuning, Ubud. I enjoyed his laughing yoga classes, and dancing meditation. Just look south of Monkey Forest for his ashram: Ambarashram

Malcolm Southwood, from England, living in England and in Switzerland. He is a healer and runs the Southwood Healing School, where I was educated by him personally. He is book author of many books, published in several languages.

Natalia Rose from DetoxTheWorld, a certified clinical nutritionist and book author of many books about nutrition and detoxification on many levels.

My Education

The 200 and +300 yoga teacher trainings were organized by Airyoga Zürich, thank you so much! http://www.airyoga.ch. The first teacher training was led by Christine May and Michael Thurnherr. My advanced yoga teacher training was led by Stephen Thomas.

My education at the Malcolm Southwood School: http://www.southwood-healing.com

My training at DetoxTheWorld with Natalia Rose and her team: http://www.detoxtheworld.com


David and Mira are also wonderful kirtan singers, and one line of a song is „find the life that‘s inside you and let it flow from your heart“: http://www.davidnewmanmusic.com

Sathya and Liliane sing kirtan and their mantra chanting is full of love and happiness. People at the concert were radiating: http://www.sathyamusic.com

Havi Brooks teaches Shiva Nata Dance so lovingly, her ways to lead you to self-awareness is heart opening and she says that yoga is the science of love: https://www.fluentself.com/, http://www.shivanata.com

Annemie is a friend, and I especially loved her early Sunday morning classes at the lake. Doing the tree pose, which needs balance, on a landing stage with water below you is quite an experience: http://annemiepaulsson.com

Ilse Kamala taught me from the beginning that clarity and truth is the essence, looking at “what is” and living fully in the here and now. I met her first at the Sivanandas during a month-long visit to the Bahamas: http://www.sivananda.org

Raphael Brand filmed the family yoga video and owns the Gyrotonic Studio Muladhara in Zürich Tiefenbrunnen: http://www.muladhara.ch

Adriana Tripa took my portrait pictures. Her studio is in Zürich, Switzerland. This is her website: http://www.adrianatripa.ch