Stevia and Supplements

Please find here some products that I recommend. You will find them on my iHerb page You will find more products on that page over time. Please use the code GAF926 for ordering. We will both receive a percentage. Thank you.

You will find a short description of the products in the product description below. Nutrition & detox consultation clients usually receive a full description of how to use the recommended products and others.


Products recommended include and will include:

  • Stevia, to replace all sugars
  • Probiotica, which are effective
  • Products to remove parasites and other guests in your digestive tract
  • Products to remove mold and fungus
  • Products to remove heavy metal & co
  • Skin care, such as Vitamin E, basic oils and essential oils
  • Calm, magnesium
  • Calm’s forte, best sleeping aid, all natural, non-addictive, for instance when you are fasting