Welcome to Simply Love Yoga!

Wherever you are at on your journey, if you are new to yoga or practice already for a while, if you are looking for holistic cleansing and nutrition consultations or are interested in the various healing modalities that I offer, you are very welcome. My name is Sandra, I am based in Zürich and am offering in person classes, privates and workshops for over 10 years now as well as consultations and healing therapy sessions in Zürich and abroad. Cleansing Consultations and Biofeldtest are also available remotely.

Practices for Everyone

Do you want to experience greater inner peace, be healthier and feel happier no matter what circumstances and situations are in your life?

Yoga, healing and cleansing can help you to become more balanced, relaxed and healthier. These practices work on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. They help you to peel off one skin after the other until you have access to the wisdom and joy inside you.

Everyone can do yoga and be conscious about their health. It is a matter of attitude. It is about progression and not about perfection. When you love your practice and do it steadily over a long period of time then everything falls into place.

Please have a look if the offering of Simply Love Yoga might be of benefit for you: tips & articles about yoga, healing & cleansing, private yoga classes, group yoga classes, workshops, seminars, nutrition & cleansing (detox) consultations, healing therapy and more.

Take one step at a time and become free from attachments and to have the freedom to pursue your heart’s desire. Experience the freedom to take charge of your own health, thoughts, feelings and actions for stepping into your original power and happiness.

Practices in daily Life

Yoga, cleansing & healing is knowledge to be applied in your daily life.  All practices help you to become and be centered and relaxed no matter the circumstances. When you practice daily with love, owning your power and with wisdom you will experience results. Results increase your trust and inner peace.

All practices increase your vitality. Natalia Rose from DetoxTheWorld says that vitality will become the most valued commodity in modern society. You cannot buy it in a box. Yoga, right nutrition & cleansing and healing will help you to become more and more your original, healthy, joyful self.

“You are now living in the dark, in ignorance. The knowledge, that you are the Divine Spark, encased in the sheaths of bliss, intelligence, feelings, sensations and organic substances – this knowledge is Light. You must light your own lamp. You cannot walk in the light of another‘s lamp. Earn the knowledge yourself. Even knowing it is not enough; you must experience it.” – Sri Sathya Sai Baba

“As you will see, the New Energy Body is the ultimate detox process because it cleanses us of the density that prevents us from living in our wholeness – our whole joy, full energy and full power! When we are swimming in the toxicity of modern lifestyle (negativity, fear and aggravation in addition to the obvious food wastes and pollution), we are an obstacle unto ourselves. We cannot see clearly enough to guide others (including our children). Once the layers of density embedded in our physical cells and our emotional body are removed we can finally see ourselves, our surroundings and our full potential clearly. It’s like the light gets switched on in our proverbial “living room”.” – Natalia Rose: “The New Energy Body”

New here?

If you are new, check out my tips & articles, workshops & events and classes & consultations to see if there is something in for you. I am offering private yoga, group classes, corporate yoga, family yoga, nutrition consultations, yoga for kids & teens, yoga for detox, stress & relaxation management, healing therapy and Biofeldtest and Biofeldmodulator Therapy. You can also come to a Deeksha Blessing or to a meditation group.