Healing Therapy & Deeksha Blessings

Healing Therapy

Often physical ailments or emotional patterns have a deeper unconscious cause. In this session we clear up the patterns of the subconscious or unwanted energies so that they don’t control you and instead let you become the master of your subconscious, your mind and your emotions. These patterns can be a blockage to that what you want to manifest in your life.

In a session the client first talks about his or her request. Afterwards I am working with my hands without touching the client while the client stands or sits while we are talking.

Benefits of the personal Healing Therapy Sessions

  • Working one-to-one gives the private space needed for having a look into issues, you would usually not share in a group. Depending on your individual problem we can work with different healing modalities.
  • In the session you will identify the cause of your problem and not only the symptoms. The problem can be physically, emotional or spiritual. Once identified, we apply the appropriate healing methods to remove the cause of the problem.

About my teacher and mentor Malcolm Southwood

Malcolm wrote a couple of books, which I highly recommend to read, or to go and visit him in Basel in his healing center. He is very down to earth and recommends a high standard for the profession of being a healer. Here are some quotes of him from his books:

“As long as healers persist in believing that because healing is a gift no further effort is necessary to improve or influence that gift, they will remain as amateurs outside the mainstream of health care. It is true that healing is a gift, but it is arrant nonsense for healers to suggest that they don’t need to provide proof of minimum standards of excellence before declaring themselves proficient in the art of caring for the welfare of others.

Healers also need training and education to fully develop, use and understand their gifts. Basic instruction in counseling, psychotherapy, physiology, biology, religions, metaphysics and any other subject directly or indirectly involved with their work is a necessity if healers are going to forward their cause.

When healers begin to take themselves seriously, so will the medical profession. Healing therapy is desperately needed to cure the causes of many of the nation’s health problems because drug therapy is not the whole answer. I believe that the medical profession has lost its way in a jungle of medical technology. It has been reduced to treating symptoms which the subconscious will go on producing irrespective of medical treatment until someone goes beyond the symptoms and identifies the cause. This is true healing.”

This is Malcolm Southwood’s Mission Statement, which is true for me, too:
“I believe in a loving, creative Spirit existing through all that is, guiding and assisting the many creations in spiritual evolution to ensure creativity and love in place of destruction and selfishness.

I believe that we are nothing without this presence of guiding love and that the purpose of being on this planet is what we can do for others.” – Malcolm Southwood

Rates and Conditions

For rates and conditions please visit: https://simplyloveyoga.com/rates.

Deeksha Blessings

We can balance your energies with a Deeksha Blessing. For the Deeksha Blessing the client can either lay down or stay seated in a chair.

Benefits of the Deeksha Blessings

  • A Deeksha Blessing balances yin and yang energies
  • It balances the emotional centers of a person, the chakras
  • The client feels a greater sense of harmony and inner peace

More information about the Deeksha Blessings

For more information about the Deeksha Blessings please visit: http://www.onenessuniversity.org/

Rates and Conditions

For rates and conditions please visit: https://simplyloveyoga.com/rates.