Healing Therapy according to Malcolm S. Southwood

Often physical ailments or emotional patterns have a deeper unconscious cause. In this session we clear up the patterns of the subconscious or unwanted energies so that they don’t control you and instead let you become the master of your subconscious, your mind and your emotions. These patterns can be a blockage to that what you want to manifest in your life.

In a session the client first talks about his or her request. This can be an emotional or physical problem. Afterwards I am working with my hands without touching the client while the client stands or sits while we are talking.

A typical healing therapy session can be booked to find relieve for example in:

  • Physical conditions such as pain, stress, migraines, whiplash, tinitus, etc.
  • Conditions based on childhood traumas, such as panic attacks, postural problems, eating disorders, phobias, allergies, back pain, chronic tiredness, etc.
  • Problems based on not optimal birth, e.g. fast or slow births, early births, Postpartum Depression
  • Finding and healing emotional causes of a problem
  • Releasing shock, still stored in the body
  • Elimination of unwanted and foreign energies
  • Healing emotional illnesses, e.g. phobia, hoarding, bulimia, …
  • Retrieving soul energy after the end of a partnership
  • Burn-out therapy and stress management
  • Problems based on past life (not very often, 99% are childhood traumas)
  • Using elemental energy earth, water, fire, air, cosmos for balance
  • Balancing your chakras
  • Balancing your feminine and masculine energies

Benefits of the personal Healing Therapy Sessions

  • Working one-to-one gives the private space needed for having a look into issues that you consciously wouldn’t know the cause for.
  • In the session you will identify the cause of your problem and not only the symptoms. The problem can be physically, emotionally or spiritually. 
  • Once identified, we apply the appropriate healing methods to remove the cause of the problem. Techniques that we are using can be rebirthing, hypnotherapy, trauma relief, regression, retrieving soul energy, releasing of unwanted energies, and spiritual healing amongst other modalities that are suited for you.

About my teacher Malcolm Southwood

“As a professional healer Malcolm has worked in the UK, America, Germany and Switzerland with running workshops for professional therapists, doctors and the general public. He has on three occasions lectured at the World Presidents Organisation, as well as lecturing and working in hospitals in America and Switzerland. As a consultant to healing professionals as well as personal healing, Malcolm now confines his work to his home town in the UK, treating and advising on a variety of conditions involving physical, emotional, and spiritual issues too numerous to mention.” – from Malcolm’s website

“I believe in a loving, creative Spirit existing through all that is, guiding and assisting the many creations in spiritual evolution to ensure creativity and love in place of destruction and selfishness.

I believe that we are nothing without this presence of guiding love and that the purpose of being on this planet is what we can do for others.

All life is subject to its own laws. Happiness motivates it, Gentleness sustains it, Love nurtures it. Happiness, Gentleness and Love, these are the motivations in all life.” – Malcolm Southwood

Rates and Conditions

Please note that I am not a medical doctor. Healing sessions are not paid for by health insurance companies. For rates and conditions please visit: https://simplyloveyoga.com/rates.