Healing Therapy

Healing Therapy according to Malcolm S. Southwood

Often physical ailments or emotional patterns have a deeper unconscious cause. In this session we clear up the patterns of the subconscious or unwanted energies so that they don’t control you and instead let you become the master of your subconscious, your mind and your emotions. These patterns can be a blockage to that what you want to manifest in your life.

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Deeksha Giving / Oneness Blessing

A Deeksha blessing, also called Oneness Blessing, is a transfer of divine energy. It helps you to balance your energies in your body. A balanced system is the foundation for harmony and health. For the Deeksha Blessing you can either lay down or stay seated in a chair.

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Rates and Location

For more information about my rates and the location of the yoga studio please visit: https://simplyloveyoga.com/rates.