Group Classes

Current Schedule

Currently there are no regular group classes. You are welcome to sign up for my newsletter, if you are not yet, to receive the announcement in your email inbox as soon as I am teaching a group class again.

Description of my Classes

Hatha Yoga

The group classes are suited for all levels. The hatha yoga class combines meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), yoga postures (asanas), and final relaxation. Regular practice of yoga asanas in conjunction with pranayama reduces fatigue, releases toxins, soothes the nervous system and helps to keep the body free from disease. You learn how to cope with thoughts and emotions, and it’s not about perfection. It’s about steadiness in the practice, awareness, improvement, presence, and an open, curious heart towards oneself and others.

Sai Yoga

Sai Yoga bases on a method developed by Indra Devi. The classes are hatha yoga classes with simple postures and breathing exercises and combined with visualizations and mantras. This combination is a very powerful tool to relax and to gain a new perspective. The classes focus on your well-being and at the same time train your mind to be focused and concentrated.

Family Yoga

Parents and kids are welcome to the family yoga classes together. Kids of any age are welcome. Simple breathing exercises and meditation taught from a young age help the children later to establish a calming meditation practice. Exercises and yoga postures in children yoga are fun. You will also do yoga exercises, which are designed for groups or done in pairs.

Yoga & Dance

Yoga and dance combines dance and yoga, guided and aligned with the principles of yoga. These classes focus on the nature of the chakras and combine yoga and dance to balance your chakras and to enhance the flow of you life force energy gently in your body.


Currently I am not giving regular group classes. Please contact me, if you have open vacancies.

These are the places, where I already taught: