About Cleansing

A systematic and effective detoxification encompasses your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. When you start with working on your physical body usually people start cleansing old believes, become emotionally more stable and feel more connected to their High Self.

The cleaner your body gets, the more your habits and perspectives will change accordingly. It will be easier for you to let go, surrender, trust, and accept. You feel a greater sense of inner peace and balance. You will become your own master and be sovereign.

The method for a healthy nutrition includes consuming juices and foods, that contain a high percentage of life force energy (prana). This means, you eat a clean diet which is green-centric, highly water containing and alkaline. At the same time you use tools to eliminate waste matter and toxic substances from your body. Regular gentle exercise and lots of fresh air are two further important components in the approach that I teach and consult in.

Work With Me

Nutrition and Cleansing Consultations

This is a holistic approach: We look for the causes of diseases and seek to remove any obstructions that prevent your life force from flowing. Part of the consultations are also to set up healthy eating and movement habits. I learned with Natalia Rose and her team at DetoxTheWorld and am a Rose Program Certified Counselor.

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Virtual Online Courses

At the moment there is one virtual online course for you: The Virtual 1-Month Cleansing Course: Healthy Eating, Cleansing and Daily Routines for Body, Mind and Soul. Change with the 1-Month-Cleansing Course your daily routines for greater Health, Vitality, Inner Peace, Lightness and Well-Being. The course is suited for beginners and people already familiar with cleansing and it is offered in English and in German.

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Rates and Location

For more information about my rates and the location of the yoga studio please visit:


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