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Description of my classes

Hatha yoga

The group classes are suited to all levels. The hatha yoga class combines meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), yoga postures (asanas) and final relaxation. Regular practice of yoga asanas in conjunction with pranayama reduces fatigue, releases toxins, soothes the nervous system and helps to keep the body free from disease. You learn how to cope with thoughts and emotions, and it’s not about perfection. It’s about steadiness in the practice, awareness, improvement, presence, and an open, curious heart towards oneself and others.

Yoga kriyas, pranayama, and meditation

This class mainly focuses on kriyas, pranayama, and meditation. Kriya is Sanskrit, and means action, deed. It is the conscious effort of a practitioner to clean his energy field with simple techniques best done early in the morning. Pranayama are breathing exercises  which guide and direct the flow of prana, the life force energy, in your body. Both kind of practices prepare you well to go deep into meditation.

Yoga & dance

Sometimes I also teach yoga & dance, which is guided and aligned with the principles of yoga.

Benefits of the group classes

  • You can apply the basis principles of alignment in your yoga postures (asanas).
  • You can feel either relaxed after a group class, or highly energetic, depending on the setting of the class.
  • You feel in peace and centered.
  • You worked out your body in harmonious postures.
  • You train your observer and you stay aware no matter what happens on a physical, mental or emotional level.
  • You can apply yoga philosophic knowledge in your life, and feel confident about their application.

With all methods and tools from yoga, the goal is, to feel happy, energetic, relaxed and feel secure and confident.

Before class

  • The classes are for beginners and for practitioners.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. You can use the yoga mats, straps, meditation seats and blankets from the yoga studio, or bring your own.
  • Please don’t eat anything 3 hours before a yoga class.
  • Please come 10 minutes before the class starts.

About Sandra Gross

  • Rose Program Certified Counselor: Diet and detoxification consultant
  • Certified Advanced Yoga Teacher (500 hours Yoga Alliance International)
  • Diploma in healing from the Malcolm Southwood Healing School in Basel

Signing in

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