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Classes & Consultations

Events, workshops and seminars

Find out about past and present events, workshops and seminars. You will find yoga workshops, seminars on nutrition and detoxification and seminars which combine multiple areas. Some of them take place virtually.

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Yoga one-to-one

This is a one-to-one yoga class. The focus of this class is individual. It could be about developing a home practice, going deeper into postures for a group class practice, or focusing on relaxation, meditation and healing practices to deal with mental or emotional fluctuations.

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Group classes

Hatha yoga, yoga kriyas, pranayama, meditation and yoga & dance: The group classes are suited to all levels. The practices, meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), yoga postures (asanas), yoga kriyas (cleansing practices) and relaxation, reduce fatigue, releases toxins, soothe the nervous system and help to keep the body free from disease. You learn how to cope with thoughts and emotions, and it’s not about perfection. It’s about steadiness in the practice, awareness, improvement, presence, and an open, curious heart towards oneself and others.

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Nutrition and detox consulting on DetoxTheWorld principles

This is a holistic approach: We look for the causes of diseases and seek to remove any obstructions that prevent your life force from flowing. Part of the consultations are also to set up healthy eating and movement habits. I learned with Natalia Rose and her team at DetoxTheWorld and am a Rose Program Certified Counselor.

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Healing sessions on Malcolm Southwood principles

Often our physical ailments or emotional patterns have a deeper unconscious cause. In this session we clear up the patterns of the subconscious so that they don’t control you and instead let you become the master of your subconscious, your mind and your emotions.

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Relaxation and stress management

Depending on how you want to learn and apply tools to deal with stress efficiently we can practice tools from yoga or from my healing education. The focus is often here is how to stay in a relaxed place even if we have all these emotions, thoughts and distractions besiege us from outside. The personal session can also be conducted over Skype.

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